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Honeys of Island of Cres

Sage, honey, mixed honey, honeydew honeys

Due to its geographical position and amazing biodiverstity, the island of Cres has always been one of the most interesting and attractive places for beekeepers in the Republic of Croatia. The length and the width of the island cause it to stretch through two separate climate areas, divided by a freshwater lake, the Vrana Lake. The height of the island also plays an important role. The majority of plants blossom near the sea and the process continues towards the higher areas. This is very important for honey production, because longer blossoming periods result in better productuon....

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Honey of the island of Cres is extremely high quality
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Honey as Medicine: Wealth magical gift of nature

Propolis, domaći med, lijek od propolisa

Propolis, honey, pollen ....

Thanks to its exceptional composition, since ancient times is considered a sacred food and one of the most important natural remedies to treat a wide range of diseases.

What are the medicinal properties of honey?

Acacia honey strengthens the nerves and helps with anxiety and insomnia.
Chestnut honey is good for diseases of the stomach and bowel, and prostate disease.
Honey of the lime treated diseases of the urinary bladder and kidney, and respiratory organs. Be aware - not recommended for people who suffer from vascular disease!
Sage honey helps with coughs, colds and respiratory diseases.
Meadow honey has a wide effect and is recommended in the daily diet of children and the elderly.
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